Sara Miller Fig, Vanilla & Cacao Candle

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Sara Miller Fig, Vanilla & Cacao Candle. This opulent fragrance opens with crisp, fresh green fig which is enhanced by a sprinkling of bitter cacao and a luscious vanilla base creating balance and depth. This unique candle is set in gold lined glass to create a mesmerising hue and relaxing glow.

Only the finest ingredients and purest fragrances are used to create this collection which is 100% pure soy wax and hand poured in the UK. The box designs are also gorgeous and means these not only smell fantastic but they look great too and would make fabulous gifts.

240 gram pure Soy Wax | Burn time 60hrs | Hand-poured in the UK | Cotton wick

W: 9 cm x H: 11 cm x D: 9 cm